Robots On Fire

They were the most advanced robots of the 20th century…  Now they’re on fire!

After more than fifty years of Cecil Taylor, Ornette Coleman, and Albert Ayler, what does it mean to be playing in the free jazz/avant-garde tradition?

Is this just another kind of bourgeois white guy revival music with vague pretensions to class rebellion?

Is free music the new Dixieland?

Dave Ito Chokroun (The Institute for the Study of Advanced Musical Research) – January 2012


Founded by saxophonist Darren Williams and bassist Dave Chokroun in 2002, Robots On Fire is about taking musical traditions, blowing them up, and playing the pieces – including the tradition of taking the tradition, blowing it up, and playing the pieces.  In the styles of Peter Brötzmann or Albert Ayler, the Robots play original compositions, blistering improvisations, and incendiary versions of folk music, protest songs, the free jazz “classics” and hits from the 60s, 70s, and 80s.  Live performances have included the 2013 International Vancouver Jazz Festival and collaborations with Eugene Chadbourne, Han Bennink, and Mats Gustafsson.

Dave Chokroun – Bass
John Mutter – Electric Guitar
Kevin Romain – Drums
Guenter Schulz – Guitar
Jonathon Wilcke – Alto/Tenor Saxophone
Darren Williams – Tenor Saxophone, Bassoon