Composition, improvisation, and physical endurance are explored in solo performance using an array of extended instrumental techniques.

Solo tenor saxophone with nods to Evan Parker and Colin Stetson. However, Williams has taken the initiative to dash ahead of his contemporaries, creating exciting and beautiful compositions that force the listener to forget the wealth of technique at the root of the music.

Kevin Romain (Bleating Hearts, SSRIs) –  November 2011

It was really a pleasure to hear him work out his robust tenor sound in combination with his considerable circular breathing chops…  He added layer after layer of multiphonics to create a really captivating tapestry of sound and ideas.  I highly recommend listening to Darren if you get a chance.  A wonderful saxophonist and estimable artist.

Coat Cooke (NOW Orchestra) – October 2011


In July 2013 Darren Williams released his solo debut CD Reed on Bug Incision Records.  The album can be heard and purchased here.

Here are some select tracks from Reed….

Borrowed Matter by Darren Williams, solo tenor saxophone

In The Bath With The Chimera by Darren Williams, solo tenor saxophone

You Will stay With Us (for Kenny Doren)


Electronic Press Kit for Darren Williams: Solo Tenor Saxophone